It’s not High Maintenance, it’s High Standards

Hotel Maintenance for External and Internal Windows, Doors, etc: Benefits of Contracting and Maintenance You may think what is the point in outsourcing work that needs doing to your hotel when you can just do it yourself as and when you need. However, the benefits that come with hotel maintenance and contracting heavily outweigh any [...]

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Connecting Your Home with Your Lifestyle – One ‘Key’ Fits All

MobileKey: Don't be the same. Be better and make a 'Smart' decision; simply electronic, pretty darn smart and amazingly simple to use. Dawes and Green are always in the market looking for simple, sophisticated and innovative designs seeking inspiration worldwide as to how we can improve your homes and give you that style, comfort and security [...]

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

The Importance of Finding the Right Door for your Home There are several things to consider when you are buying a new door for your home and at Dawes and Green, we like to think that we’ve got the selection to beat all our competitors. It’s not just about the look and feel of the [...]

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Design is a journey of discovery

Why designing your own doors and lighting is a good idea We all want to be individual. Our homes are probably a reflection of that – not so much a place to live and feel secure but a reflection of our personalities and beliefs. With so many made to measure services on the market, it [...]

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