Connecting Your Home with Your Lifestyle – One ‘Key’ Fits All

MobileKey: Don’t be the same. Be better and make a ‘Smart’ decision; simply electronic, pretty darn smart and amazingly simple to use.

Dawes and Green are always in the market looking for simple, sophisticated and innovative designs seeking inspiration worldwide as to how we can improve your homes and give you that style, comfort and security at the highest level, all day and every day.

Doors are the area where you want the tightest security. Locking and unlocking with electronic access and remotely is fast becoming one of the most secure ways of protecting your property and home. It’s now a long standing practice to do this with our cars and we have been using electronic remote control keys for some time. The same is now true for our doors.

Not only for security but also for ease of access into care homes or where it has become difficult for the elderly to open their front doors; a once simple task but one that has become difficult with age. Or for an organisation requiring access to different areas, at different times offering the ultimate in security levels.

Many systems available for installation today have multiple locking points that do make forced entry very difficult. You can now also get electronic locking mechanisms that work using a key pad or card, particularly popular for businesses where staff and visitors need to gain access. However, Dawes and Green now offer one of the latest developments on the market today. Another solution and one that is intelligent and all-inclusive to accommodate up to 20 doors and 100 users. The MobileKey, uses digital transponders and cylinders instead of mechanical locks and keys and is extremely cost-effective in terms of initial investment and operating costs.

The MobileKey is the perfect access control system, replacing the old key with a digital transponder, PINcode, keypad or your smart phone. Instead of the mechanical cylinder you can install an electronic one just yourself in just a few simple steps. No wires and no drilling.

A simple and timeless design, there will be no more annoyance over lost keys; the kids will love it! You can allow access to your property or home by your chosen user(s) at any time, and set with one transponder for all doors.

Dawes and Green believe the things you look at every day should be as beautiful and as stylish as possible, with elegance to provide our customers with exceptional products for exceptional homes.

Get in touch with Dawes and Green and enquire today.

  • State-of-the-art remote control key.
  • More than just locking – time schedules to you decide who has access and when.
  • No more fretting over lost keys – ever again.
  • Simple installation and easy retrofit.
  • Cost-efficient.
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