The New Alternative to Georgian Wired Glass

Even salt looks like sugar …

At the DG Group we believe in finding the best new products on the market and we’ve found one – Twinfix GW Polycarbonate. It is a new innovation that replicates the appearance of Georgian wired glass but with twice the benefits.

The product is usually 6mm thick and has all the benefits of a normal polycarbonate but looks just like glass! It is especially good for listed buildings where modern standards have to be met but refurbishment needs to stay authentic to the original design. So why is it so much better than its glass counterpart?

Georgian wired polycarbonate has many advantages that outweigh the usage of Georgian wired glass. The resistant potential of polycarbonate means that it will not break like glass breaks; this means not only is installing it easy but so is transporting the product. There’s no risk of breakage on route, during installation or in situ. In addition to its durability, its temperature resistance and fire performance are to be admired. Georgian wired polycarbonate retains its properties at high and low temperatures, ranging from +100°C to -40°C. It is unlikely that its maintenance costs would be anywhere near what Georgian wired glass would require.

Whilst glass may be just as strong as the polycarbonate, its options are not as flexible. You can add access panels to the polycarbonate in order to gain maintenance access but with glass this would prove a lot more difficult and dangerous to those attempting to do it.

The polycarbonate’s weight is also a major factor as it weighs a lot less than its glass rival. Georgian wired polycarbonate only weighs 7.2kg/m² whereas the glass weighs more than double. Having it weigh less reduces any strain that might have previously occurred on the structural steel work. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that its lightness equals fragility. Georgian wired polycarbonate can hold itself very well against the elements as well as building movements. Not only does this provide peace of mind for the homeowner but it ensures no replacement costs in the future.

In the event that you do decide to replace the polycarbonate for whatever reason, rest assured that it can be recycled. It is good for the environment at the end of its life span as well as at the beginning. Given that it’s light, less energy is used in its production as well as its transportation.

Georgian wired polycarbonate can be used in a range of ways from swimming pools to station shelters but it trumps Georgian wired glass with its strength, low maintenance costs and ease.


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