The New Alternative to Georgian Wired Glass

Even salt looks like sugar ... At the DG Group we believe in finding the best new products on the market and we've found one – Twinfix GW Polycarbonate. It is a new innovation that replicates the appearance of Georgian wired glass but with twice the benefits. The product is usually 6mm thick and has [...]

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Why the elderly and disabled should consider home automation

We usually associate being tech savvy with the younger generation but why? Technology doesn't have to be complicated because sometimes it isn't. Home automation is the way forward for the elderly and disabled. The benefits cannot be ignored so put your trust in new technology for an all-round easier lifestyle. At Automated Door Systems we [...]

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“We do like to live beside the seaside”

Is your door furniture suffering because of location, location, location? DG Supplyline is now supplying and installing door furniture guaranteed to suit the harshest environmental conditions for up to 25 years. Living by the sea has so many health benefits but unfortunately not for our bricks and mortar and, after a while, the external aspects [...]

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