“If it doesn’t open it’s not your door.”

.. but are you leaving it open? Does it look like this?

If so, we can tell just by looking at it, it’s rough age, how it’s constructed and the type of locking system it will probably have. The trouble is, if we can, so can the burglar and this makes your door an easy target compared to other modern types of doors.

If your door looks like this, now may be time to consider a replacement. Not only will you get something that’s secure and looks great, it will be energy efficient as well.

Take a Closer Look at Your Door. We tend not to pay much attention to the front door. We come in, lock it behind us and get on with our lives. Doors are, however, one of the first things that burglars look at. Older varieties are easier to get into than the newer ones, as you would expect. It might be the lock isn’t quite up to spec or the frame has seen better days. Either way, if it’s old and hasn’t been replaced in while, a burglar will be interested.

Did you know that modern doors have multiple locking points? They secure your door area properly making it a lot more difficult to gain access. Add in toughened glass and better lock cylinders resistant to burglar skills such as snapping, and a new door can certainly make your home far more secure.

Not only that, modern doors are highly energy efficient and can reduce the amount of heat you lose from your home and hallway.

In one area alone last year, in Southend Central, there were some 406 cases of burglary. Across the whole of Essex there were over 12,000 reported crimes of this type. Many thieves will look for opportunity and something like an old door can certainly pique their interest. It’s the place they always start – for many homes it’s the easiest way to gain entry. 

It takes a skilled burglar just a few seconds to assess your lock and decide whether it has potential or not. Certain cylinder locks can easily be snapped and someone can be in your house in a matter of moments. Here are just a few things you might want to consider if you now think it’s time to change your door:

  • Choose a solidly made door – most of the new ones are nowadays and they’re not easy for a burglar to kick down.
  • Opt for windowless. If you want added protection you can make it a solid door with no window.
  • A modern door will have multiple locking points and the lock mechanism/cylinder will be up to the latest EU standards.
  • It’s not only the door you have to look at though – make sure you have a sturdy frame that the door is attached to.

While we obviously hope you never become a victim of burglary, there’s a lot that you can do to make sure you reduce the chances. Most burglars are opportunistic and do not want to run the risk of being caught. Removing a possible way of easy access makes a lot of sense.

At Dawes and Green we have a wide range of doors that not only look great, can be designed and manufactured to fit any space but provide the protection you need. Contact us today to find out more. www.dawesandgreen.co.uk

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