Why the elderly and disabled should consider home automation

We usually associate being tech savvy with the younger generation but why? Technology doesn’t have to be complicated because sometimes it isn’t. Home automation is the way forward for the elderly and disabled. The benefits cannot be ignored so put your trust in new technology for an all-round easier lifestyle. At Automated Door Systems we work with you and your situation to determine the best options for your home.

It is no surprise that the older generation is branded as the generation that can’t cope with new technology but this is not true. More and more tech companies are aiming products at this specific market because they’ve noticed the demand from those with reduced mobility. For example, at ADS we have a wheelchair access system, which is a truly hands-free system. The way it works is by placing one device by the door and another device on a wheelchair. When the two infrared components are in close proximity from each other, the door will open. Access to your home couldn’t be made any simpler.

Automated Door Systems and The DG Group work closely with local authorities for those who are eligible to claim disability grants as we believe an automated home is a good step to ensuring safety for those who may be vulnerable. We do this in a number of ways, one being with automated curtain tracks. As well as being good for those with limited mobility in the house, it is also good for when you are out of the house. When you’re at home you can control the curtains with a remote but how exactly can you and why would you control them from hundreds of miles away? You can add a timer switch so that the curtains open and close when you’re not in the property. What this means is that you now have a deterrent for burglars. Make it look like someone’s home with the simple movement of curtains.

You can choose how little or how much of your home you want automated. You don’t have to go overboard on everything but there are some things you can add that may seem small but will make a huge difference to your everyday life. As we get older we want to maintain that level of independence so why not take the jump and invite tech into your home. You can control things in the house with a smart phone or PC, whatever works for you because all of our systems are user friendly. Don’t be scared of technology as you don’t need to have any prior knowledge in order to use any of our systems.

We understand the importance of other technologies, which is why we make sure our systems work with others such as the Amazon Alexa. If you have one of these you could for example give a voice instruction to open a blind rather than getting up or pushing a button on a remote, which may sound a little over indulgent but is especially useful for anyone who may have arthritis and a loss of use in their hands or fingers.

Safety and comfort are priorities at ADS and we believe that automated systems for the home are just the way to ensure these. Feel relaxed in your own house. Think about not having to worry about moving to a care facility or being a burden on your family because that’s exactly what an automated home can do for you; it can give you the lifestyle that you deserve in the comfort of your own home.

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