It’s not High Maintenance, it’s High Standards

Hotel Maintenance for External and Internal Windows, Doors, etc: Benefits of Contracting and Maintenance

You may think what is the point in outsourcing work that needs doing to your hotel when you can just do it yourself as and when you need. However, the benefits that come with hotel maintenance and contracting heavily outweigh any reservations you may have. It’s not just about fixing a door here or a window there, it’s about your long term costs; it’s about your customers’ safety and most importantly, it’s about your reputation.

Having someone like the DG Group maintaining your hotel means a better quality of specialised products as well as a better quality of service. We have a range of specialists with experience in what you are looking for; whether that be for window and door installations, commercial double glazing repairs or commercial door repairs. We aim to keep to the shortest time possible whilst doing the work and to keep you updated throughout the whole process. Our combined extensive knowledge of the industry means that our professionals can cater to an office block in London or a small business in Essex.

In addition to our expertise we will also have the latest equipment and technology meaning you don’t have to. You will not have to worry about providing any sort of training to in-house staff as we will be there for all your concerns and needs. We understand that obtaining a contractor or maintenance service can be worrisome for those small businesses but we can assure you that in the long run, outsourcing work means a saving on costs. It is often the case that companies refrain from using a contractor in the hope of being cost efficient but this only serves the opposite effect when a pay out has to be made if things go wrong.

The DG Group is a company you can rely on. We aim to increase the lifespan of the external and internal of your hotel by providing a service that is dedicated to the upkeep of your business. If the maintenance is good quality work, the hotel will reflect this in all ways. It is the small things that make a difference to the customer, which is why we fall back on our reputation just as a hotel should. Having quality and sustained products can only provide a good experience for your customers.

Guests will pick up on the small things such as a loose door handle or faulty window so best make sure everything is in good order. It’s not just about aesthetic style but also about the safety of your guests. Ensure that they are well looked after with a building that is well maintained by a contractor who understands the importance of customer service just as well as you do.

Avoid the stress and unnecessary worries of the upkeep of your hotel by using a maintenance service. You will have the opportunity to focus on other sides of the business whilst resting assured that everything else is taken care of.

The DG Group is Dawes and Green (bespoke luxury door and window company); DG SupplylineDG Servicing and Automated Door Systems.

Together, a successful team with many hands and one mind, for your peace of mind.

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