Everything old is new again

With this constant change and adaptation our local area is home to many amazing buildings both residential and commercial with ornate architecture, many of which originate from the Victorian era. Our streets are lined with terraced Victorian houses and many of us want to keep tradition but combine with the new, and the latest trends.

Obviously over time our homes and buildings become damaged and woodwork and brick work weathered. Dawes and Green not only embraces new technology but we love renovating properties to preserve their character and one where the present complements the past for our homes to breathe new life!

Our range of bespoke doors particularly, Victorian Doors are worthy of any home within our historical area. Not only are they attractive and in keeping with surrounding properties but they are also made to last the test of time, robust, easy to maintain and can be adorned with the all latest security technology on the market today.

Blending the past with the present ensuring that the property is maintained as the original architect intended but also improving on security and insulation. All of this and more is of course particularly important, and resolutely highlighted when you consider our area’s very own Conservation Area, where strict regulations are in place to ensure continued continuity, appearance and aesthetics to each and every building, thus adhering to guidelines.

Our Aluminium Victorian Doors can be standard or bespoke in accordance with your building or home.

Aluminium Entrance doors offer the highest levels of durability and longevity whilst offering some of the lowest U-Values on the market, coupled with the huge range of finishing options and colours, an aluminium product will give you the most possibilities with regard to creating a truly personalised bespoke door.

Couple all of that with the latest security products on the market today, you will have one of the smartest doors in town! At Dawes and Green we know the importance of security and have sourced the ultimate in locking systems along with a bit of flair! Whether you just like gadgets and the latest technology available on the market or, for health reasons and practicality, find it difficult to open your front door, discuss with us the best electronic access available.

From remote key fob access, key pad, to finger print reader and the latest smart phone access; we can advise the best option for you. Each system can be integrated into any other form of access control, such as an intercom system or videophone entry. Operation can be manually overridden by key at any time.

All of this and all keeping with tradition. What more could you want from that first impression!

Get in touch with us today to discuss all your options and the latest range in doors and security products.


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