Keep your home, keep our heritage

“So much of our future lies in preserving our past”

Whether you are a landlord or homeowner, you have a duty to maintain and look after your property. Forget about the legal requirements that explicitly say you have a responsibility but think of the unspoken duty; the duty of maintaining a heritage that could potentially be forever lost.

It is no surprise that Britain is famous for its traditional style when it comes to architecture but that does not mean buildings should be neglected –– far from it. There is a lot of reservation surrounding the tampering of historical buildings but the fact is many of these buildings are falling into disrepair because nothing is being done. Companies like us can replace windows, like for like, so that the style doesn’t have to change but the condition of the property does.

Take the Royal Houses of Parliament as an example; the building is a haven of decay. It presents fire risks, insanitary rooms, damaged cables and so much more. Some of the pipes that were laid down should have been replaced in the 1970s but never were. Now, as every day passes, the situation worsens. It was estimated in 2015 that the minimum cost to save this cherished building would be at least £3.5 billion.

Whilst we all certainly do not live in lavish, grand buildings the principle remains the same. The longer that building issues are left, the more expensive and the more complicated things will be in the long term. When windows are left to rot, water can soak through the original brickwork causing severe damage to the building, meaning that windows won’t be the only thing you have to think about repairing; it can lead to works being done both internally and externally.

Parliament has one issue, that we are all guilty of at some point in our lives, denial. People are in denial because the decay is invisible. Out of sight, out of mind tends to be the attitude. Thousands of properties in some of the richest boroughs in England are being left to fall into disrepair. Think of Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Westminster. Properties are left empty or neglected meaning that nothing is done to preserve the charm of some of our most picturesque streets.

Avoid being short sighted and lead the way to the upkeep of our heritage and tradition. Windows are often forgotten in building maintenance but the reality is a problem with your windows can create major issues in the future if not attended to in the present. The cost of replacing windows now is only a fraction of the cost that it would be if left to decay.

It is not only a question of cost but also a question of energy efficiency. Show the world that Britain can keep its traditional appeal whilst also being forward thinking in terms of saving the environment. The DG Group can replace your windows with the latest energy technology meaning efficiency all round, saving you money and stress.

Your property should be something to be proud of. Keep your home, keep our heritage. part of The DG Group of Companies



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