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Home automation––sounds tech savvy doesn’t it? However, the reality is home automation is more accessible than ever with more and more homes being fitted with autolocks, remote security systems, automated blinds and more. So, what exactly does home automation mean?

Home automation is essentially where the homeowner can access basic home functions from a remote point whether that be an app on a smartphone or from a centralized unit in the house. The range of home functions that can now be automated are vast and varied meaning that you can choose the ones right for you and your home.

For example, you can choose from a selection of auto-lock technologies which keep your home secure at all times. The way it works is by locking the door automatically behind you. After the door has been unlocked it can take between 30 seconds and 5 minutes (dependent on what system you install) for the door to lock automatically; you can tailor this time to your preferences. There is now no need to worry about remembering if you’ve locked the front door or not, or about putting a spare key in a ‘special hiding place’. Keep you and your family safe by installing an auto-lock unit today.

Whilst some of us may be wary of switching to new technologies as we get older, the convenience that comes with it outweighs the stress of change. With an automated home you don’t need to rely on someone else; you can retain the level of independence you want as well as feeling comfortable, safe and secure. 18% of the population are over 65 years old and 13.3 million people in the UK are disabled. Automated homes can make those little things in life seem a lot easier. No more running through the house to turn all the lights off or reaching up high to pull a window blind down. Automated homes can be what you want them to be, including wheelchair friendly.

It is understandable that there may be concerns with installing new technology into your home but it really is worth considering how an automated home can give you peace of mind for the future. Firstly, an automated lock unit can be fitted inside your property and plugged into an existing standard wall socket. There is no need to rip through walls or change whole door units. Secondly, you may be worried about your safety if there is ever a power failure but most systems come with a battery back up meaning you can rest assured your home is secured even in unfortunate circumstances. And, thirdly, you really can save yourself money in the long run. Be energy efficient by remotely turning off power systems, preventing you from unnecessary costs while simultaneously helping the environment.

Bring balance to your life and don’t be afraid to try something new; you can have your whole house and its security system automated or only part of it, it’s up to you. Save yourself money, time and most importantly, your family from living in an unsafe home. Give yourself that peace of mind.

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