Lost time is never found again; Why automated homes are the way forward

Twenty years ago, the thought of controlling devices in your home from thousands of miles away seemed like a futuristic dream. Ten years ago, we began to see that this was a possibility. Given the advancements in the last decade or so, automated homes are more affordable than ever but is it just a superficial fad?

There’s a lot of scepticism surrounding new technology but to completely disregard it would be a mistake. Artificial intelligence is becoming more prominent in our lives and for good reason. We should not be fearing new technologies, we should be embracing them. Think security, ease and comfort for you and your family.

Smart homes are the new type of home. Manage your lifestyle at the touch of a button or even with the sound of your own voice. The DG Group has a range of products from automatic garage doors to remote unlocking for key locks. Most of our products are quick to set up and user friendly, meaning that even if you have no prior knowledge of the technology, it doesn’t matter. For example, you could control almost anything in the home from anywhere in the world that has internet with the use of the Wifi-Link. You can create sequences for your lights, turn on the heating in your house from your office at work or set the ‘random’ function when you’re on holiday so that your lights come off and on to give the impression of occupancy.

You can even monitor your home usage from an app on your phone. See when you’re using the most energy, look at your daily habits so that you can make adjustments for the lifestyle that you want. Make your home more energy efficient with the precise control that you will have over energy outlets like heating and lights.

The benefits to home automation are seemingly endless. Home automation essentially means that all the devices in your home are connected in one place. You can control everything from one hub, whether that be an app on your smart phone or from your PC. The market has evolved as tech companies have realised the increasing popularity for home automation meaning that some home automation products work in tandem with other technologies like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.

On the surface, home automation seems like a luxury and whilst it is an opportunity to perhaps show off to any guests that may come to your home, it is so much more than that. Home automation means maximising home security. Invest in technology for peace of mind. Have you ever left the house with the feeling that you haven’t locked the door? There’s no need to worry when you can check in less than 10 seconds by looking on your phone and if not, locking it yourself from afar. With things like windows and door sensors/motion detectors, you never need to feel vulnerable again.

There is a huge interest in the building of smart homes so get ahead of the game and start now. There is no stopping the potential of what this technology could do for us in the years to come.


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