Why we cannot ignore the environment in the property world

The reason it’s so easy to ignore big environmental issues is because of just that, they’re big. The world is so big that sometimes it seems difficult to comprehend the fact that resources are limited. At the DG Group we are committed to constantly looking for ways we can have a positive impact on the environment whether that be the materials we use or procedures we follow. The earth’s resources should be looked at as a privilege rather than as a right.

Our aims include finding energy efficient materials, reducing waste and using suppliers and manufacturers who follow a similar mindset when it comes to environmental policy. Our materials, which include wood, fiberglass, steel, aluminium and composites are engineered and chosen for their durability to ensure the least possible impact on the world around us.

Aluminium is one of the best materials for sustainability in the construction industry. It’s lightweight, high strength and recyclable. The recycling process creates a high-quality aluminium whilst using just 5% of the energy it takes to create it in the first place. We should be investing in materials such as these to ensure a sustainable future for all. All of us at The DG Group recycle and reuse any materials that are commercially viable. We have a focus on not letting anything go to the landfill if it doesn’t have to; this is part of our commitment to sustainability.

It is common to see companies focusing on waste and disposal but that’s not enough. At The DG Group we look at how products work long term. We want their production, installation and transportation to be energy efficient. We look into finding alternative materials that are not only easier and more convenient but that also adhere to environmental regulations. For example, the most recent introduction to our product line is Twinfix’s Georgian Wired Polycarbonate. It resembles the traditional Georgian wired glass but is lighter, making it more energy efficient as well as being 100% recyclable.

As well as looking into new products, we are also invested at looking into new ways of living. We are interested in how new technologies can help us reduce energy usage. Smart homes are a perfect example of how we can reduce our carbon footprint. It is easy to misunderstand smart homes as a fad that wastes more material and energy than it should but the point is we can now use technology to monitor and control how we use energy in the home.

The DG Group wants to look at the world differently and we want you to join us in this outlook. Act on it today so that we can provide a better world for future generations to come.


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