How A Wheelchair User Lives Independently Through Technology

At Automated Door Systems we believe in creating a fairer society for disabled individuals. We work to provide people with disabilities access to the latest technologies. Technology has changed the game in the tech, automobile and sports industry so why not housing?

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6 Sure Fire Ways to Stop Condensation This Winter and Next

When the weather gets colder and we delve into the winter months it's easy to forget about a common issue in many homes, condensation.  Condensation on windows occurs when there is excess water vapour in the air and it can happen due to a lack of ventilation, poor insulation or bad temperature control.  If left [...]

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Elegance is when The Outside is as beautiful as The Inside

Imagine this... you're hosting a party, the autumnal sun has just set and a sharp breeze hits your guests. You're forced to move the party inside, perhaps into a smaller space; you've lost the ambiance that comes with drinks in the garden or BBQ with the family. So why compromise when you can enjoy the [...]

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Your Home is your canvas, create your reality

If a door can speak a thousand words, at Dawes & Green, we believe the finishing touches should speak a thousand more. We value the importance of choosing the right product for style and 21st century living, which is why we place the same great importance and emphasis on those all finer details. Your door furniture [...]

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