Elegance is when The Outside is as beautiful as The Inside

Imagine this… you’re hosting a party, the autumnal sun has just set and a sharp breeze hits your guests. You’re forced to move the party inside, perhaps into a smaller space; you’ve lost the ambiance that comes with drinks in the garden or BBQ with the family. So why compromise when you can enjoy the cooler months for longer with the simple addition of an external heater. Bring the inside outside with affordable luxury and elegance.

The various options and styles that come with external heaters means that you can choose the right one for you. Choose from different fuel options including: natural gas, propane and electricity as well as different styles: table top, stand up, hanging and ceiling models. Heaters are easily moveable yet stable so you can adjust your outside space dependent on the event, whether that be a party of 1 or 100.

Perhaps the easiest option is the electric heater. All you need to do is plug it into a power source and nowadays such heaters have come a long way since their inception. Electric heaters can now be used on the table top or as part of the design in a conservatory or orangery, and usually in more intimate settings.

External heaters are no longer something purely to be enjoyed on top of a stylish rooftop bar or outside the entrance of a high end restaurant but something you can enjoy in your own home. If you’re worried about the safety of children around heaters, there is no need to be. The heater does not present a risk to small children or pets. In addition, some come with an extra security feature meaning that if by some chance it should fall, a safety tilt valve will automatically shut the heater off.

Whilst external heaters do range greatly in price, overall, they are relatively inexpensive to run compared to the benefits received. Dependent on which type you can expect to pay between 15p and 30p an hour to heat your ‘external’ space. Here at the DG Group we are able to give advice on what is best for you.

Long gone are the days of wrapping up in endless blankets or crowding around a fire pit. There is now no need to cut the evening short. Summer may have come to an end but the time for enjoying your outside space hasn’t.

Just because the sun goes in doesn’t mean you have to.


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