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If a door can speak a thousand words, at Dawes & Green, we believe the finishing touches should speak a thousand more. We value the importance of choosing the right product for style and 21st century living, which is why we place the same great importance and emphasis on those all finer details. Your door furniture and those finishing touches are just as paramount and significant to the choice of door for any building or dwelling.

You’ve chosen your door or window frames, decided on the materials and made all your measurements. The next thing to do is to decide on those extra fixtures and fittings that make a difference. Want a glass front to your door or solid panels? What about the door handles and locks? There’s no doubt that with a little imagination, you can find those final little touches to give your windows and doors a bit more individuality and style.

Window Fastners and Handles

There are a range of different window fastners available including the traditional Stay arm and spindle variety that just lift up and open the window. There are different effects such as chrome and gold and a range of lock types that you can choose from. For windows you can also include trickle vents and equal sight lines or dummy sash panes.

Door Handles

Door handles can be produced in different materials including a chrome, gold and black effect. You can also decide important aspects such as where your handles go and whether you want a door that opens inwards or outwards.

Frosted Glass Vs Clear Glass

For most main windows, you will probably choose a clear glass but for areas such as entrance doors, toilet and bathroom windows, it’s much better to go for an obscured glazed product. There are a wide range of different designs and patterns to make up panels that can look great in any window or door.

Door and Window Locks

Doors are normally the area where you want the most security. Many systems available for installation today have multiple locking points that make forced entry very difficult. You can now also get electronic locking mechanisms that work using a key pad or card, particularly popular for businesses where staff and visitors need to gain access. Biometric finger print readers can also be installed into the door sash itself for that super hi tech entrance, many systems can also be controlled by your smart phone.

Door Knockers and Bells

Of course, you may want a door knocker or bell to alert you that people are at the door. You’ll also need a letter plate for when the postman comes and, if you haven’t got a glass front, a spy hole so you can see who’s on your doorstep. Another addition might be a latch and chain or a CCTV camera for added security.

Cills and Frame Extensions       

There various different cills and window frame extensions that can be added to your installation and you can choose a range of effects from mahogany and plain white to black that can either match or provide a contrast for your window. For doors you might want to add a zero threshold as well.

Replacing your doors and windows can involve making a lot of decisions and you’ll want to get them right first time. After all, you’re no doubt investing a good deal of your hard earned money.

At Dawes and Green and DG Supplyline, we like to ensure that we give all the advice and help that we can – so if you’re undecided, then give us a call and we’ll be glad to assist.

It’s the little things that matter! 

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